About us

About us

„Pirties namai“ – it is a public baths in Kaunas city. Our pride - our heater which is the biggest in the Baltic States. In order to implement this project, international forces were united. The design of the heater was bought from a Russian engineer Michail Sokolov who is now, unfortunately, already dead. Technical maintenance was provided by one of the best specialists of baths heaters - Aleksandr Zamashka. The baths itself was built by Lithuanian craftsmen Marius Babraitis and Liudvikas Cimalonskas, the design was created by Aleksandr Alatjjev.

The exterior and the interior of the building are ornamented with Japanese stylistic motifs that reflect the spirit of the school of Lithuanian martial arts which is established on the second floor of the building.

Our spacious baths is suitable not only for a pleasant relaxation but also for getting to know about the art of sauna, to learn about the baths procedures fortifying one’s health; companies are planning their employees’ leisure time or mark special occasions here.

About the baths:

The area of the steam room is 35 m². The height to the ceiling - 4 m. The volume of air in the steam room itself - 140 m³. The heating capacity of the heater - 180 kW. The weight of the steam generator’s load - 7 tons. 5000 bricks were used for building the heater. The overall weight of the heater is 29 tons which includes 4 tons of cast iron bricks and 3 tons of stones that were used for the load.

The stones in the heater are heated up by gas; the optimal temperature is 900 degrees. The surface of the stones at the bottom heats up to 800 degrees and more while the stones at the top are cooler, they reach the temperature of 500 degrees. Because of such load the baths can maintain the heat even for 14 hours.